LOLAT Product Show-Art Meets Technology 



* Classic Series
- Any colors are available upon request.
- Timeless Design-A Masterpiece for Luxurious Enjoyment.

*Thermostatic Shower Faucet
-Patent nano-coating thermostatic cartridge
-German Flühs flow switch cartridge
-Pre-set water temperature 100°F(38°C)-104°F(40°C)

 *Rain Shower Faucet
-Easy to install and no need to change water way.
-Durable, long lifetime.
-High water flow is suitable for high or low water pressure.
-Suitable to use with any kind of water heater.

*Cold Shower Faucet
-Only cold water
-Compatible with Water Heater for a warm shower.

*Smart Shower Faucet
-Easy & quick to switch, Drip-free
-Built-in precision diverter, No pull-nut

* Dual Function Kitchen Faucet One faucet to supply Hot & Cold Tap Water and Filtered Water.
- Independent filtered water way inside. Made of 99.99% Copper.
- Filtered water handle is designed in the end of spout, seals the entire filtered water way.
- Japan Good Design Awarded.
- Approved by UPC, UPCC and WRAS.

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