Shower Faucet

  • 2016 Aqua Taiwan

    Deluxe Brassware in Aqua Taiwan 2016 In this exhibition, Deluxe Brassware shows with a special warm home decoration to close customer's life.                                   Dual function kitchen faucet,the most watched commodity in this show,which is  won Japan Design as a three water way, combine with filter in the kitchen,made from full copper and unique and thoughtful design of filter handle, with high performance ceramic cartridge.This faucet approved by UPC, UPCC and WRAS.                                    Shower Faucet Kitchen Faucet Dual Function Kitchen Fauect Basin Faucet Water Tap
  • Rain Shower Faucet SNU1313K

  • 沐浴水龍頭SNT1875H

  • 沐浴水龍頭SNT1876H